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This app is great they got nearly all shoes you can know. GGRREEAATT!!!

Great app

Clean and neat platform, easy to use. Nice way to connect buyers and sellers while showing your own collection


Its an amazing app. Perfect for finding the right shoes, especially grails


Complete waste of time, horrible app, horrible servers, fake!


Crashes freezes And worst of all pretends to let you buy things

Horrible App and even worse service

AVOID THIS APP! The app is slow and crashes. The payment information CANNOT be deleted and you can only add additional payment options and you cannot delete your old credit card or Paypal account. Very shady company. Misleading about current promotions and lies about sales. If I could give 0 stars I would. AVOID!


I was just wondering if this is legit or not

We the best

This app is amazing great deals and prices


Unreal app! Payments so easy and legit way to resell shoes!

Clean interface

Very safe for both seller and buyer, recommended 100%, waiting for Canadian seller APPROVAL

5 star

The best thing of this app is that their prices are lower than other similar websites like HBX

What a great app!

This is a sneakerhead dream app. Clean lines and minimalistic design (and most importantly the lack of distracting advertising) lead to a better experience when browsing for purchase or for leisure. The social aspect of seeing how the shoes are on feet on other users is also a great addition, to give a different perspective on the shoes. Using the app is ridiculously easy and making purchases are even easier (because there isnt any cart jacking or bad Adidas website load times). You just find the shoe and size (if available), fill in your info, make your purchase and there you go! Heres some stuff I would love to see: • more detailed overviews of the shoes (eg. description of the Flu Game 12s or Undefeated 4s and their historical importance); • user reviews of the shoes; • some sort of "hype" rating thats quantified by numbers or something; • would also be cool to view shoes in categories by brand and their respective series; and • some sort of description or video that describes their shoe authentication process or who authenticates the shoe at GOAT headquarters.

Good app

Good app but has a lot of bugs Please fix

Its lit

Omg bro this app is so hype I love it it just needs clothes and it will be the "greatest of all time"

Best way to sell or buy Jordans

Great app. Best way to either sell or buy Jordans, foamposites whatever interests you. Only downfall is the additional $5 shipping fees for sellers on top of the usual %. Would be 5 stars if not for that. But would recommend to any Jordan show fan for resell options


Amazing, cool, very useful app for sneakerheads.


this app is great. Ive always been into fashion but my shoe game wasnt that good before so I got the app to look at what sneakers are out there and now its turning me into a little bit of a sneaker head. the only bad thing is that it takes a while for the shoes to actually come in but its worth it knowing that the sneakers shipped to you are authenticated for you


Finally an app and marketplace you can finally TRUST

Innovative New App

Just to start out, if you have any doubts about the authenticity of this website I can say first hand it is legit. Not only is it legitimate its also very efficient. No longer will you have to pay bs resellers prices and worry about the authenticity or condition of the product. GOAT acts as a middle man and their only fee to you the buyer is the shipping ($10). You can make offers and get some pretty good deals on shoes and GOAT will authenticate and ship them to you fast! I live clear on the other side of the country and the whole order lasted 5 business days. Cant beat that! Great app! Download and get yourself some cool legit kicks.

Poorly managed

Listed shoes that were "pending approval" for so long only to get deleted after 2 months with no communication? I took all photos as described and customer service couldnt give me any explanation for why they were deleted. Really just trying to sell some sneakers here so Im not interested in waiting another 3 weeks for them to "process" my listing. If youre not selling $500 shoes it isnt worth the hassle, just use any other app thats way more user friendly.

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