GOAT – Shop Sneakers Recenzje App

Nice Nice


This is the most horrible unprofessional site I’ve ever ordered from don’t waste your time I ordered a shoe and after a week it still said once purchase is confirmed the would send an update I email asking for a response but it didn’t help so I replied no response so I replied again asking how I go about getting a refund and canceling the order no response replied again and wasn’t as nice they finally reply saying the order had been canceled and I would be refunded my money within 2-3 business days due to payment issues when clearly the money had been taken out my account or they wouldn’t have to refund me anything so buyer beware before u spend ur money

Worst app

Ordered shoes waited 4 days just to get them shipped to goat then another 4 days till goat notified me that shoes were the wrong size


I want to buy from the app .. you don't ship for kuwait! I wish u add kuwait on the list. Thank you.


I have purchased two pairs of ultra boost 1.0, that have shipped in less than 4 days. Easy access to great shoes. Very wide variety


The goat app is a better option to buy sneakers than stock x, and their customer service is always there to help you.

Don’t buy from GOAT

Horrible customer service and shady customer interaction. Bought a pair of YE 500s and prices were escalating as we purchased. Our order went into a black hole and goat claims that the courier (UPS) lost the shoes and they were refunding. Believe seller pulled back wanting more cash vs settling for the lower price. As you know a refund on a pair of kicks that have skyrocketed in price is cash that’s useless. Replace the shoes or replacement value. And these were a gift for my wife’s birthday so now I’m totally Eff’d.

Be careful

I know someone that ordered shoes twice. First time was a smooth transaction, but second time they received a size smaller than what they ordered. No one responded to messages about the issue. No phone # for customer service. Not recommending the app or their response to resolve issues. Sorry GOAT. Make good and rating will improve!


I sold my shoes on here and i had a terrible experience first when i sent my shoes the order was cancelled do to the shoes being stuck in transit and i was deducted points for something im not in control of. Second once the shoes got there they told me if i wanted them to cosign my shoes and i went a head and said yes. They ended up selling my shoes for less than what i paid for them and i was not aware that they would do this and when i messaged support they gave me a bs excuse im so mad that they scammed me

One Star

This App Is A Complete Waste Of your time! If you came to buy sneakers here, then your in the WRONG place, awesome sneakers on here but their payment processor declines EVERYTIME I thought it was my card but really it’s just that it’s broken!! Worst place to get shoes, I would give it half a star if it had a setting on it.... Complete waste of time and energy!!

Terrible customer service

I sold one pair of shoes UK 8.5 for US 9.5 and was told wrong size, and transaction got canceled, then I sent out emails to ask about it and no replies in a week. So I deleted this app. Can the specialist be a little more professional, I double checked and UK8.5 == US9.5. OMY to stockx, will never come here again even they charge little more fee, at least they are responding.


Sold me shoes for $260 a piece knowing that that shoe is almost guaranteed to have many flaws. Then was told I was screwed and could not return them. Complete scam.

Strike One!

So I ordered a pair of shoes and paid for them and everything. The seller confirmed the shoes and was in the process of shipping them to goat. And at the last minute decided to pull out of the deal. I have no idea why. In my opinion I think that the seller should have the same responsibility as the buyer when it come to there being a point were you can’t back out of a confirmed deal.


Not all shoe searches come up plz change it back

Customer service is horrible !!

Been ordering from GOAT a while now . Sent shoes back for another size , was on approved on the refund . Got goat credits on my account BUT UNFORTUNATELY my account t is disabled preventing me from ordering anything and guess what of course I’ve reached out numerous times for over a week and yet no response. Keep getting the same message about 48hrs to resolve . Never knew goat was this horrible at service

Nobody answer on email / apps

My friends ordered on 08/27 Now 08/13, the order is not transit. We try to email / app chat, but nobody answer. It bad service.

Best Sneaker App out there

They have every sneaker imaginable. My favorite part compared to other sneaker apps is how simple it is to find a shoe and buy it. very minimal design and it’s perfect from the second you download it i ve had it for over a year now and enjoyed every second. Suggestion: add streetwear like stockx, and this will truly be the superior app. Also they need to advertise the app more besides giving you tubers $10000 to find a goat in a 30 min video. great app tho fr

Needs personal messaging

I would give the goat app 5 stars but there is no messaging system. I felt like if this app had messaging, selling and buying would go by smoother and more efficient . Other than that, it’s an great app to sell and buy sneakers.

I don’t like the new update and I was forced to update.

It’s annoying... how you have to scroll to find used or new when it wasn’t like that before..

95 percent of the shoes are fake

I've looked at 100 shoes and i saw 3-4 real ones

Do not recommend

I will no longer be using goat to sell or buy shoes as I do not want them to ever see another cent of my money. I sold a pair of authentic shoes and they were flagged as fake, this was inconvenient but I can deal with it. After this they sent an invoice for $20 to "cover shipping costs" I was told if I did not pay the invoice my shoes would be "disposed of". This is completely ridiculous as the shoes are completely authentic which I know for a fact, if they think they’re replicas I can deal with it and sell them elsewhere but to have to pay to get them back due to a mistake on their end is completely unfair and absurd and this is why I encourage everybody to avoid using this service at all costs to buy or sell, they deserve nothing more than to go bankrupt.

This app is TERRIBLE.

Take off the option to purchase those specific shoes if the buyer cancels the order GOAT! This app is useless when trying to purchase shoes and I would not recommend using it. The customer service is also terrible.

Doesn't even work anymore

App doesn't even open since the update, I've emailed yall and no response, been like this for weeks now. Fix it already you idiots

takes forever to start up

app doesn't even load up, sometime

Takes Too Long to load after new update

I keep deleting and downloading because that’s the only way the app works


How do I return shoes i’m so frustrated right now


No complaints. AMAZING APP I LOVE IT. Fastest shipping in the game.

Worst Experience Ever

I sent in a pair of Yeezy Breds (11.5) to GOAT a MONTH ago. They informed they they were replicas even though I personally legit checked them. That aside, they returned the shoes to the wrong address. I asked them to change the address and a week later they responded, but it was too late. UPS shipped the shoes back to them about two weeks ago. Not hearing from them, I wrote a ticket asking where my shoes were. The rep told me a new tracking number was issued and it was ready to be shipped. That was a week ago. I have still not had my shoes returned to me. Do Not Use This APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buyers be Aware!!!

I never write reviews, however for this unpleasant experience I get obligated to warn everyone what to expect from this company. My very first purchase was extremely horrible. First off, you are barely saving any money purchasing through them. The turn around time to receive your shoes is about 10-16 business days. Way to long in my option. This is so the seller can send the shoes to Goat for them to inspect then they will send to you after inspection. Well after waiting forever for my shoes to arrive, it was obvious that they did a very poor job inspecting my purchase. I received defective shoes, one of the toes had a burn/hole in the tip of the shoe. I immediately msged support for them to tell me that they would send my response out to their processing team to review. It’s been 7 days and I’ve msged them every day since and they refuse to msg me back. I then tried to do a refund to not even have that option anymore, thinking I would get a response in a reasonable time. Now I’m stuck with these defective shoes that I waited over two weeks for and paid 300$. Even looking at their help section I read that if I wanted a refund I would of only gotten goat credit, and I would have had to pay to return the shoes back. This is absolutely the worst experience I have ever had, and will never buy from them or flight club again! Flight club apparently owns this company so I thought they would be legit but hell no they are a complete scam! Can’t believe I ever decided to try and save a lil money and use this horrible app. Do your self a favor and avoid this like the plague.

Fix asap

Not letting me purchase anything

Cash out fee lack of transparency

GOAT does not make it clear beforehand to its sellers that there is a hefty "cash out fee" which is due to them being a cheap company and putting the operational costs associated with using PayPal onto their own sellers. Won't be using this app again.

GOAT app

I’m not reviewing the company, only the app. The app is formatted rather well, but has some obvious flaws. The most glaring issue with the app is the price listed on shoes. GOAT, for whatever reason, shows the price for the least expensive used pair for sale when browsing shoes. This makes absolutely no sense. The price listed should at least be for the shoe in your size. Also, both the price for the new and used shoe in your size could be listed. For example, the price in the corner would be 220/160 if the cost of a new shoe in my size was 220 and used was 160. The value shown could be the lowest, or it could be the median price, or a range, such as 220-280/160-210. The current format is extremely frustrating because it leads you to believe that shoes you might like are in your price range when they are far beyond it. This issue needs to be addressed; all my friends use the app and we all joke about how asinine this feature is. Other than that, the app is solid. I think there should be search filters, but that would be a large step. The haptic feedback is great, and the displays are nice. It’s obvious that the development team spends time improving their app, but they are missing one glaring mistake.


Ever since the 8/4 update I can’t swipe to purchase any pair of sneakers.

Opening screen freezes

Don’t get me wrong I do all my sneaker shopping on GOAT but recently I’ve been having one problem with the app and that is the screen freezing on the opening GOAT screen so then what I have to do is delete the app re-download and it works but after an hour I have to do the same process over again.

Great app

Easy to navigate and had a great experience with my purchase

A scam

I placed an order on a pair of shoes over a month ago and still have no received them. I only got one email says that my shoes have been shipped to GOAT for verification and that was it. After that they failed to contact me on the reason why my shoes were taking so long. After 2 WEEKS, they finally told me that they were having problems with shipping and that they should be shipped in the next couple of days. And on top of that, it says my order has been cancelled in my app but GOAT claims that my order isn’t cancelled and should be shipped in the next couple of days. Well one week later, here I am, shoeless and I have no freakin idea why my shoes are taking so long. I will NEVER order from this app again. Their customer service is absolutely awful and the whole process to get shoes is even worse. If I could rate this app negative stars I would.

Please add sort option

I love the app, but I have only one complaint: you can’t sort price low to high or high to low.

Can’t list anything after the recent update

Can’t list anything after the update

Great app!

It is a great app overall you can sort by size, youth, men’s,women, brand and color. The one thing that they could improve is if you could sort by price. Other than that it is a great sneaker buying app!


Y’all hatin so I’m hatin too


GOAT is really the G.O.A.T !!! ❤️❤️😂

Loading screen

I have a problem with the loading screen when you open goat it will stay on the goat logo. Sometimes it will open right away and sometimes it will do that I tried to delete it and download it and even updated my iOS will I orders my shoe. I don’t know if it’s because I ordered a shoe will this problem was going on but I hope y’all fix this issue.

Sneakerhead Playground

This app is so addicting! Always the first place to have new shoe drops available to purchase and a great way to shop for unique and unusual shoes for my collection as well an easy and successful way to make some extra money selling shoes. Anytime I have a free moment I catch myself scrolling on GOAT. It’s just too easy to buy or sell. Never had a bad experience.

Best shoe app

Best app to buy shoes from

Amazing app, GREAT customer support

I wrote to customer support and they got back to me professionally in a timely manner and they answered my questions. Love the app and what they’re doing, there are some features I wish that were there or were slightly different, but they emailed me saying that there are still new things to come regarding the app and I love it! 10/10 would recommend to a friend


I just bought yeezys from them and they are amazing

If it ain’t broke...

Why would you redo most of the interface? Awful! Horrible! Were there even case studies for the latest version? I’ve been a user from the very beginning and I was hoping things would only go up when I read you partnered with Flight Club. Sorry, GOAT has gotten worse. Especially your Customer Service. What happened, GOAT?!!

After update it won’t open

This is a really nice app but after the update it’s been hard for me to get past the goat screen

New update problems

This app has been nice so far but today I went to update it and as soon as it got finished I went to go check my orders status and the app wouldn’t load it just gets stuck on the black screen with goat on it I hope y’all fix this soon.

You don’t make money you make CREDIT!!!!

When selling on here you don’t actually receive PayPal money... you get goat credit to buy other shoes on the app but have to pay an extra fee to cash out which is nonsense.

Horrible customer service.

Really one of the worst customer experiences for refunds and canceling orders out of any online company I have ever worked with. Will never use again. It’s a shame, cuz the idea is great.

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