GOAT – Shop Sneakers Recenzje App

Nice Nice

This is the worst place to order shoes from

This experience has convinced me to never place order shoes from the goat app. You guys have one of the worst if not the worst customer service. It took you guys weeks to respond and it took me almost two months to get my money back. I would never recommend this app to anyone I know. When I got my money back it took me 3 days to order the same shoes from adidas and for a cheaper and better price. The only recommendation I have is for you guys to just go ahead and sell this company to someone who knows what they’re doing.


I ordered the Yeezy 350 v2 Triple whites on a Saturday afternoon. Goat was very informative with everything, easy to order and very helpful. I got the shoes 6 days after ordering them (the next Friday). And they were real ! Very happy and will continue to use the app.

Happy customer!

The app interface was simple enough. Ordered the shoes for my son’s birthday and expected there to be a wait. I didn’t wait long. Ordered on Friday and they were delivered on the following Wednesday in perfect condition as listed. Very helpful to see the status of the order updates from the seller to Goat then to me. Great experience!


Shoe Box was extremely damaged when i received them, which is unacceptable to me. Also, their cancellation policy/return policy is the worst, as is their customer service. Deleted the app.

Horrible Service

I ordered a pair of AirMax a month ago less then 24hr after my money was taken out my account the order was canceled.. it has now been months and I have not gotten even an email back from GOAT SMH !!!

Not able to ship to my Country?????

I attempted to purchase men’s 11.5 Old Skool Pro “Golf Wang” but when I tried to pay the message said “Sorry, we are currently unable to ship to that Country” I live in the US. Do you not ship here?

Poor customer service

I sold and shipped multiple sneakers to goat, but one sneaker was not scanned by UPS, so the sale was canceled in transit, dropping my seller rating. This resulted in GOAT increasing commission rate for the other sneakers. They said the have to use the commission rate AT authentication verification time, and not at the sold time. This is despite me trying to contact GOAT before the shoes are verified. They wouldn’t work with me and waive the seller rating drop caused by UPS, nor help cancel the sneaker sells before I kept losing money due to the ridiculous commission rate. I was supposed to ship two more sneakers after the weekend but I’m most likely going to cancel and sell on stockx instead... it’s not worth losing money over selling 5+ shoes to raise my seller rating.

Satisfied skeptic

After reading some bad reviews I placed an order feeling very skeptical. It took a few days before the shoes were delivered for verification. Once they shipped it took two days to get an email notification. But the shoes were delivered and were in the condition they had been promised. Maybe I had good luck. There are a few too many moving parts for my taste but it was worth it to get some fresh kicks.

Horrible Customer Service

I purchased four pairs of shoes off GOAT before I had an issue then had 4 orders in a row canceled. Three times I ordered shoes and the seller never shipped and they refunded my money. The problem with that is instead of letting you just pick another pair of shoes it takes 7-10 days to refund your card and they wait almost 7-10 days to cancel the order so we are talking about 14-20 to get your money back. Now that happened to me 4 times in a row. I spent almost two months trying to get one pair of shoes. The problem is their setup they only take care of the seller. If you buy shoes they take your money out of your account right away but the seller has no funds being withheld so if they don’t ship it doesn’t cost them. Goat even cancelled my order seven days after I ordered because I used my wife’s credit card with her name on it. They had already withdrawn the money before they cancelled so that makes no sense as well. Talking to their customer service is of no use at all. After multiple email conversations they issued me a $20 credit if I bought another pair of shoes which after all that hassle is a joke. I’m a huge sneakerhead but the GOAT doesn’t even have customer service by phone only email and believe me they take their time getting back with you a couple times 2-3 days. But hey they get your money instantly so why should they be concerned with how prompt their customer service is. Overall I’d recommend not using GOAT unless you have at least a month and very good patience because if there is a problem even a little one it will take a month to fix. Wish I could have said better words but people need to know the truth.

Absolutely Pathetic

My first experience with Goat was pathetic. I am a seller not a buyer-keep that in mind. I bought authentic shoes from Jordan Brand listed them on goat sold them within a week, or so I thought. I sent them to Goat for authentication and goat had deemed the shoes as replicas and had forced me to pay them a 10$ fee for them to return the shoes to me, which was extremely frustrating. As an experiment I had my friend list the shoes on Goat, and they were deemed as authentic, but they were also labeled as defective. This shows that the authentication process is inconsistent. Overall, my experience with was pathetic at best, never selling on this app again!

Fantastic Overall

I do not usually write reviews but I thought this app definitely was worth it. I am starting to get into the sneaker game and got my first pair of yeezy triple whites from GOAT. They came in a timely manner and they were very clean. I am stoked overall with what GOAT does and making sure you get authentic sneakers. Definitely will be buying more from them.

Scam scam scam!!!

Do not buy from the app! I placed the wrong size order (men’s size vs women’s size) and tried to cancel 15 mins after placing my order and realizing I ordered a men’s size and not women’s size. I was unable to cancel and reached out to support. They sent an email back saying I can cancel within 3 hours and that time had passed (only 2 hours went by, by the time they got back to me). They charged my card and refused to cancel my order even though I have a timestamp on all emails sent proceeding the confirmation order. This is a complete scam!!


I bought a New pair of Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runners but I was sent a pair of very poorly cleaned used ones instead. There were brown marks all over the outer sole and deep creases (NOT the natural leather pattern) all over the leather areas. On a positive note the pair were indeed real and not fakes but that should be a given. Beware buying “New” pairs as you might get a used pair instead.

Get StockX instead

Sold a bunch of DS shoes on both and I continuously run into problems with goat sending my shoes back for them being “used” even though I never took them out of the box and ended up actually getting them sold on StockX. Only reason I was using this app is because there prices are ridiculous so I could sell for more, just use stockx it is way better for buyers and sellers let this app die

Great experience!

My husband wanted another pair of his favorite nikes’ air max 2017. I finally found them on goat and ordered them before reading the reviews for $135. After reading reviews I got scared BUT to my surprise this company is legit and I received the new shoes in a new nike box completely authentic in 5 days. Ordered 10/4 received 10/9. I will definitely be using GOAT again. Don’t let the reviews scare you! I got exactly what I wanted and the delivery was step by step the whole way and super speedy! Thanks GOAT!

Horrible Service

After finding my shoes had a pen stain on them I requested a refund. It took 4 weeks for them to get back to me. After sending them back and buying a new pair they sent me the same exact shoe with the same pen stain. These guys are frauds and the whole thing is a scam. DO NOT USE THEM! USE STOCKX!

Seller beware

I sold my shoe and it took them a week to verify only to say my new shoe was used. Very shady and don’t recommend.


Be ware that if you don’t have Instagram or Twitter then you can not sign in

Slow, slow, slow

Too slow on everything. My first time using them and very disappointing to find out from tracking that they are closed on Saturdays. Then after they get the product you still have to wait 1-2 days for verification in order to get paid. No thanks, if it’s going to be this slow, stocking fee should be $3.00 and free shipping.


Do NOT order from this company! I ordered a pair of metallic gold air max’s from this company and never received my shoes. I gave them ample time to figure out what might have went wrong and reship them. When that did not work I requested a full refund. The company would not refund my money so I had to reach out to my bank (Bank of American who did an amazing job) who ultimately refunded my money.

Do not sell here!

Bad customer experience with selling my shoes, number 1 they said if they receive my shoes and successfully authenticated, I will receive my payment but no they said my shoes are used when it’s clear it’s brand new with 1 tiny dust that was probably from shipping my shoes to them. That dust is easily removable by wiping it off with your hands. Number 2 since they said is used they gonna put it in the consignment listing which is not professional, or I have a another option is to receive my shoes back but I have to pay extra $15 for it. Mind as well sell it someplace else. (Sorry about the grammar)

I was skeptical

I had placed an order then decided to read the reviews and got very worried but turns out everything was just fine. I would definitely purchase from goat again. I got my shoes in a week.

Waste of Effort and Time

I’ve had 3 straight cancellations after I’ve PURCHASED pairs of shoes.


I ordered a pair of NEW SNEAKERS. When they arrived I immediately noticed that the bottom of one of the sneakers had stains on it. I contacted customer service and patiently waited for a week but still have not received a response. I was having a great experience prior to this but I’m done with Goat now. Thanks!!!

Process takes forever

I ordered my shoes 10 days ago and they haven’t even reached Goat yet, and today it says my shipment was delayed due to an issue with a courier. I didn’t realize this was going to be such a process. Should’ve listened to the reviews.

So many bad ratings


First sale.

Worst sneaker app for selling new shoes, just use stockx. Sent out a shoe they didn’t approve it because of a different code even though they only offered one option at the time and it was the product that was listed. Now my pair is lost in their co sign because they wanted me to pay $30 to ship em back since they’re trying to gain 10 more percent on em. Trash service only good for buying used shoes.

Instant ship is a scam to steal your money

I purchased some shoes using the instant ship feature which was $60 extra. when I emailed them asking how long it would take for the product to ship they replied back saying they don’t offer that service. ITS LITERALLY ADVERTISED ON THEIR SITE.

Horrible app

Stope advertising so much. I already downloaded your app but when a goat advertisement comes on my phone every 5 minutes from other apps. IM UNINSTALLING IT. This app spams you.

Loved my experience

I used the app to sell some Jordan’s and had a great and very smooth experience. Now def gonna use it to buy sneakers!


Goat is such a good place to buy your sneakers. The searching system is amazing as their filters actually work perfectly and show you the correct price. Another thing that they do well is the quickness. I made an account, put it in all my information, and bought sneakers in less than 5 minutes. They also accept any type of payment even prepaid credit cards and being a 15 year old I need one of those to buy my own stuff online and it worked perfectly fine. On stock x I tried to use the prepaid card and it kept getting declined even though I have used it before for other purchases which really ticked me off. Last but not least, their shipping was quick and easy to track. At first I thought it was going to take forever to receive my shoes because it took forever for the order to be confirmed but it got confirmed and sent to goat quickly. I got my shoes in 6 days which is faster than I expected. Their verification, wrapping, and quality was all there. Goat definitely gained my loyalty through one use and I’ll start buying all my non retail sneakers from there!!

Long processing and super expensive

I did not have good experience with my purchase or the app experience. I should have done my research about this business before ordering. First: I placed my order and it took a long time to receive it because it had to go through some verification process and get shipped to the business before it was shipped to me. Second: if I wanted to check the order status I was forced to download the app. Third: the shoes I ordered run longer than the normal Adidas running shoe that I wear (my fault, should have done my research). I wanted to return them and they are deducting shipping charges TO me and from me and only giving me a credit. That leaves me to some of the biggest buyer remorse I ever experienced. I am sorry, but in this day and age your business model is just not sustainable. I am stuck with a pair of shoes that will end up on on good old eBay.

Incorrect legit check process

I have sent a pair of Pirate Black 2016 and they claimed that it is fake when I have purchased it from Stock X and authenticated it at Sneaker con NYC. They have yet to ship it back but if I receive a fake pair when it is returned I am launching a lawsuit. You have been warned.

You can’t sell

I wish that you can sell from anywhere

Terrible customer service

My shoes were authenticated and ready to ship, but they haven’t shipped since then, it’s been almost 3 weeks. I tried to contact them and no response, they don’t care. Smh

BAD Quality

I bought 2 pairs from goat, brand new Deadstock. BOTH boxes were damaged, missing tags and missing paper. STOCKX is MUCH better


It’d be good if people could comment on shoes that’d be useful for opinions


I honestly don’t know why so many complaints are about customer service. I emailed them a question and less than 10 minutes later they responded. As for the shoes it was a 5 day delivery so be patient. But overall this app is amazing

stockx is better

use stockx instead of goat

To Goat

This app is really good. I get all of my sneakers from here without a problem.

negative reviews on point

I paid for a new pair of retro wheat 13’s and when they got to me they were creased up and had dirt on the bottom of the shoes. Emailed them about it and they offered me full refund in store credit which I agreed to taking. I messaged them 3 different times and they haven’t bothered responding. It’s been almost a month now since their last response


Shoes are all legit, come in a week, and the app is super easy to navigate.


I used to love this app, but then I got robbed. The app should do more to shipment like to make sure that USP don’t leave nothing in front of the door; you can easily get rob like that. Yes, I’m describing how I got rob. Security should be more tight on packages when they deliver it. For example if the person is not there don’t just leave it in front of the door, leave it in the porch or something. GOAT should not tolerate this. Therefor I’m deleting this app and not using anymore until GOAT gets strict on shipment. Thank you for listenin.

Canceling the purchase

Goat should add a feature where it still shows the full pictures of the shoe when sent to your email within those 3 hours.Instead of canceling and have to look back at the full pictures.

Add a Sorting Tab

I personally don’t like spending 3 minutes scrolling to find a certain shoe I saw, make a sorting tab like every other store app with a price low to high and high to low.

Never received either of my shoes.

I ordered two pairs of shoes from Goat August 8th and August 9th. Today is September 17th I never received either of my shoes. I did receive tracking information. When I called Fed Ex for one of the shoes and UPS for the other shoe. Both companies told me a label was created but the shoes were never dropped off. I have made multiple tickets and have tried dozens of times to reach out to Goat. The most I have ever heard back was, “Thanks for contacting Goat. We are receiving a lot of requests for the same issue at the moment our team is working hard to resolve the issue and we will get back to you once we do. We apologize for the inconvenience.” That was on August 27th I have not heard from them since then.

Horrible Customer Service.

HORRIBLE APP. Never use this app. I ordered a pair of shoes and they never arrived and I was never refunded. This app has a great selection of super cool shoes but very bad customer service. If you have any problem with your order they don’t help out in any way. I had to contact my bank in order to receive any kind of help getting my money refunded. Definitely do not recommend 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Fraudulent Company

I purchased a pair of shoes from goat for $125 and had to return them because they did not fit. I paid for shipping and handling and by the time I did that, I received a goat credit for $90. My second order using the credit was cancelled by GOAT. I requested a refund to my bank account and received $12.64. This is unacceptable and I plan to file a complaint with the consumer protection agency as well as the better business bureau. Where is my money? I have no shoes to show for it

Force using the app

1: really don’t like force user to use the app. You have to check your order on app instead of the website make it really uncomfortable and inconvenient. 2: its really confusing. I have to spend some time looking for cancel order button.

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